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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

All users and renters are expected to read this area as much as all other writings they are browsing from our site. Dimmples Car Rentals has carefully written down these items related to its privacy policies so that its very valued customers can clearly understand Dimmples in all its locations with respect to their privacy when handling data collection, use, disclosure, and exchange of information.

When You Call Dimmples To Rent A Car

We will collect your personal information like name, address, phone number and email. Driver’s license information, including date of birth and a copy of your driver’s license that will be photographed by our company phone or scanned in any of our offices will be collected by a Dimmples representative and stored in our system.

Your insurance information, passport (for those visiting the US and Canada), proof of residence and personal references will also be collected. We will also collect and store your credit card information when needed.

Your Health

Dimmples Car Rentals representative will ask information about important medical issues, including allergies you may be facing to better aid these representatives in making informed decisions on what adaptive driving devices you would need or what waivers you may need to sign.

Using Bluetooth And GPS

All our cars are modern and are, therefore, equipped with systems and applications from various car manufacturing plants that can fasciltate the pairing of your phone or any other device you may decide to use in the car you are renting. If you pair any mobile device with our vehicles’ navigation or infotainment systems, be aware that these are third-party software or services on the vehicle.

Dimmples Car Rentals is not liable in the event your personal information and other data are transferred from the mobile device and stored on these systems. Delete all personal information and other data from these systems before the vehicle is returned to avoid subsequent occupants of the vehicle accessing this information since Dimmples cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of such information.

Sharing Of Your Personal Information

Dimmples will share your personal information with its service providers and other state or federal agents unless we are legally compelled to do so. Dimmples will share your information for insurance replacement with our providers Dimmples has assigned to do customer research or satisfaction surveys.

Dimmples will also share your information with agencies charged with traffic regulations and at the behest of law enforcement, collection agencies to collect unpaid bills, to avoid liability for penalties you incur.

All Dimmples offices are equipped with CCTVs and in some cases, our representative may wear body cameras for the safety of other customers, our staff, premises, and cars.

Dimmples will share your information with address, identity and related verification providers to protect our business from those who will attempt to use fake identification papers.

All our customer support providers, call center operators, including our receptionists and providers of our live chat and all facilitators of excellent customer service for Dimmples will have access to our information.

Dimmples can also share your information where necessary with T-Mobile and other communication providers which aid in sending text messages, facilitating our phone calls, email, digital marketing and varied other communications to you on our behalf.

We will also share your information with some auto shops, insurance carriers and related partners, claim processors to facilitate repairs of our vehicles.

Our vehicle recovery agents like tow truck companies and agents will also be privy to such information.

Dimmples will also share your information with its insurance carrier(s) as well as its roadside assistance and repair agencies.

Our banks and merchant machine providers can also be provided with your information.

Dimmples will also share your information with the MVA, law enforcement, law offices for payment, collection, and credit reporting purposes to help Dimmples collect payment from anyone who becomes delinquent.