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About Us

Headquartered in Hyattsville, Maryland, Dimmples Car Rentals is a membership-based rental agency owned by 75 individuals in the United States and in Canada. It was founded by Eric Tataw (Dimmples CEO) in 2021 as part of an enlarged Dimmples Incorporated.

Today, the company that started as a single location in Hyattsville, Maryland, is now in 21 US states and three Canadian provinces operating a total of 71 locations.

Dimmples Car Rentals is community-oriented and seeks to deaden all rental barriers while providing excellent services. Dimmples has a 24-hour customer service at 18006512029.

Our mission is to gladden the hearts of our clients and put genuine smiles on their faces. We serve the community like we would do to ourselves. That’s why our logan is “Now, You Can Smile”